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We sometimes look for great retirement homes for our older Boys and Girls once we have a likely puppy from them to continue the bloodline. These are not always easy to rehome as Italians especially do not like change so we look for patient people preferred local who are prepared to spend time getting to know the dog and its little ways and fears. All older dogs are desexed prior to re-homing as well as any other needed vetting (teeth clean etc) and come for the cost of vet fees and transfers. If you are such a person and the idea of an older one or two appeals to you please contact us using button at top of this page.

Iggy Adults do not always rehome easily as they find change of any sort difficult to accept. If wanting to adopt an older one you will need patience and time available in big supply. We do offer our ex show/breeding dogs to good homes and if you are interested please contact us to discuss options.  

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