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2009 - 2016

Peggy came to me from my friend Melissa as a baby. She is a daughter of Tunamara Prelude who lived with Mel and was the only entire daughter remaining from my much loved Champion Tunamara Brady who in this case had been bred to his half sister Tunamara Tamerine. With her bloodlines Prelude was very special to us and when Peggy was born and offered I jumped at the chance. Over the years we had great fun in the show ring together and since Peggy has given me four lovely litters. 

Peggys first litter gave us four special babies sired by Minaken The Clown, a lovely dog owned by a friend interstate who allowed him out to me for which I am ever grateful. Three were retained although the male was eventually given out to a pet home as he grew a little tall.

Tunamara Bobbi Sox, Tunamara Buddy Holly and Champion Tunamara Raves On were the resulting puppies from this litter. Buddy grew a little tall for us and found a good home, Bobbi was kept at home as a future mother and Rave went to the show ring and flew the flag for her mother gaining her title easily. 

Peggy's second litter to Champion Tunamara Zamiel in 2013 produced a pretty girl that we named Delta. This girl has now competed in the ring with a new exhibitor and has achieved her hundred points so we congratulate her here.

From Peggy's third litter to Champion Tunamara Red Cedar we retained a lovely strong boy in Champion Tunamara Devils Needle. Devil has gone from strength to strength in the show ring with a junior handler and achieved his title at around 12 months of age. We are proud of both the dog and young Zaria Tulk for her belief in this dog.

Peggy Sue's finale for us was to Champion Uwharrie Artesia Outback Flyer (imp USA) . We held two from this litter in Tunamara Sweet Lady Jane and Tunamara Jumpin Jack Flash. These youngsters are just starting in the show ring and we hope that they are good ambassadors for their mum. 


Now on to our second generation Peggy puppies. Champion Tunamara Huon Pine has excelled with Puppy of Breed award at the 2014 Adelaide Royal Show and again Reserve Challenge Dog at the 2015 Show. He has many BOB and Class in Group wins to his credit.. Champion Tunamara China Display is achieving Big things in Queensland with Jill Marks of Oakway Kennels with multi Group placements and her sister little Tunamara Mint Slice flew the flag for us here.

Peggy has left us a great legacy and is now speyed and settled in her forever home.

Sadly little Champion Tunamara Raves On was lost to us early in 2015 to a brown snake bite so her offspring are doubly precious to us now. 

The worst news, Champion Igmajik Peggy Sue passed away 16/1/2016 after being run over by a motor car near her home. RIP my sweet Peggy. I know there will be a lot of people who miss you.

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