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Wondoan Walk The Line - Champion Barad Bambina Labamba

July 2010 - August 2017

Azriel's Mother, Bambi was a lovely little girl who came to us from Barad Kennels in Tasmania. She was added to bring more of the old Wondoan Blood (pre import) to our breeding group and was mated to our boy Walker (see his own page) to achieve this. She returned to her breeders to show for a while after her litter and sadly never returned. Azriel was part of the litter and was originally placed as a pet but after disgracing himself "peeing on the rug" we were happy to get him back and although never liking the attention of the show ring he has been an exceptional stud dog for us.  He has given the addition of some lovely black or seal puppies as well as strengthening our red colours and he has never disappointed in the strength and quality of his litters. 

Azriels first litter in 2011 for us was to little Kaasha Rumour and Gossip and from this a pair of lovely pups were born who we named Tunamara Spread Yr Wings owned by Tacozajo Kennels and the boy who became Champion Tunamara Zamiel after a big show career with Kaasha Kennels in WA.  Both went on to produce their own babies with Zamiel still being represented here by his grandaughter Kaasha Licorice Allsort.  

The 2013 litter to Tunamara Petite Pixie gave us a stunning little show bitch. Champion Tunamara Faerie Dae was shown by a new exhibitor and achieved many awards. Sadly after producing her first litter for them we were told that she passed away after a dispute with a brown snake.

In 2014 Azriel went to our beautiful Champion Tunamara Faiance (own page). From this mating came Champion Tunamara Sweet Caroline, Champion Tunamara Hot August Night and Tunamara Heartlight. Caroline lives with us and it is hoped that she will give us a litter later this year. Heartlight went to Strelka Kennels in Queensland and August went to WA to Kaasha Kennels where he has produced some stunning babies including little Kaasha Licorice Allsort who is a duel Azriel puppy being a grandaughter of Zamiel as well.



In 2015 we decided to try and repeat the successful breeding that produced Faerie Dae (above) using the litter sister of Pixie in Tunamara Precious Peace. This time we achieved a beautiful girl who went on to title named Ch Tunamara Believe In Karma and her lovely brother Tunamara True Justice. Karma has been a consistent winner in the show rings and we are looking to breed from her in 2017. This was so successful that we again repeated the mating in 2016 and Tacozajo Italians now have a little girl also named Tacozajo Trust In Karma. 

Meanwhile Azriel has been chosen for a few outside matings in the last couple of years. The red and white girl Igmagik Penny From Heaven came to us from one such breeding and like her dad she hated to show and is happy being an occasional mother and the stunning black and white boy Champion Lamarque Norwegian Wood achived his title for his owner recently

Our latestest Azriel kid began his show ring career early in 2017, Born in late 2016 Champion Tunamara Moon Shadow showed all of the promise and presence of the Azriel babies and were thrilled for him to gain his title quickly.

Meanwhile his dad relaxes and plays at home and we look at his influence here and wonder why we ever wanted to find him a pet home when he was young. His pups are all strong, sound and well conformed with great temperaments and attitude. The added bonus of being a good colour producer is wonderful in a breed that has so many dilutes and we can rely on Azriel to help us to keep strength in that area also. 


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