2008 - 2015

Georgia came to us from Marchwind Kennels in Virginia in 2008. I took her out and she quickly gained her Australian title to add to her American one achieved before she came. She is a stunning 13 + inch red and white girl and she offered her lovely outline and movement to her offspring.

Her first litter to our old "Tunamara Brady" gave us three puppies that went into the show rings.

Firstly our Champion Tunamara Gold Leaf, exhibited in Victoria by Adam Davidson. Toby exceeded expectations retiring on over 600 Challenge points with many Breed and Group placements.

Secondly NZ Champion Tunamara First Blush travelled to Tania Hudson in New Zealand and also gained her title. She is now  also a successful foundation mother for their kennel.

Lastly in 2013 at three years of age after us losing touch with him the second brother Champion Tunamara Silver Gilt

re-appeared with owner Aimee Smart in Darwin with a huge Best In Show win. We were happy to know he was in a good place and is successfully showing. These three are all good ambassadors for their breed and they are shown here with their offspring. 


Champion Tunamara Gold Leaf

Toby retired from the show ring on over 600 points and with numerous Best of Breed, Class in Group, RU in Group and Best in Group wins to his credit. He was presented by Adam Davidson and came home to me in 2011. 

His offspring so far :

Tunamara Smurfette

Clovelly Eddie Entwhistle

Clovelly Freddie Freeloader

Champion Tacozajo Butterfly Effect

Tacozajo Summer Rain


New Zealand Champion Tunamara First Blush

Skye is the much loved girl owned and presented by Tania in NZ. She achieved her title in good time and has produced some lovely babies for their kennel. 

NZ Champion Amorosa Starry Eyed Surprise

NZ Champion Amorose Rosegold Riley (now living here with us after import)

Champion Tunamara Silver Gilt

For two years we wondered about Gilly as he seemed to have disappeared after travelling to the top end as a baby. Recently we were thrilled to see him out in the show ring with Amie in Darwin and we were excited to see him go "Best In Show" in June. Sadly Gilly passed away in December 15 from a King Brown Snake bite. He was just a few points short of his Grand and Supreme titles.

Georgia's second litter to the lovely red and white boy "Wondoan Walk The Line" produced four dogs that were retained by us. Two of these were taken into the show ring and gained titles and the other two girls were retained as future mothers.  

Champion Tunamara Silver Dollar

Dollar is owned and loved by Cherie Tulk of Tacozajo Kennels and did so well in the show rings for her. He has excelled as a stud dog and we look forward to his successes in that area. So far he has produced...

Grand Champion Tunamara Sterling Silver

Champion Tunamara Neoma

Champion Tunamara Mahena

Champion Tunamara China Display

Tunamara Mint Slice

Champion Oakway Silver Sixpence, Champion Oakway Silver Coin

Oakway Silver Lining and others.

Champion Tunamara Perfect Pride

Pip is a lovel;y girl who gained her points in Victoria with Amanda Donan. She returned home to me for mother duties and we hope for her to produce in her image.  her early babies include...

Champion Tunamara Done With Style

Champion Tunamara Tres Chic

Champion Tunamara Touch Of Pride

Tunamara Pride and Joy

Tunamara Pride of Place

Tunamara Precious Peace

I love and kept this little girl but she hated the show ring so was retired before she really started. Peace has whelped  a lovely litter to her Nephew and we are now watching her second litter of just 2 babies grow into elegant puppies and hope that they will enjoy the showing.

Champion Tunamara Titanium

Champion Tunamara Rhodium

Tunamara Platinum

Champion Tunamara Believe In Karma


Tunamara Petite Pixie

This little girl was unlucky enough to lose her leg after her mother jumped on it at just a few days old. As she grew older we allowed her to carry just one litter with vets approval and she enjoyed the experience before she was speyed. The resulting pick of her litter was...

Champion Tunamara Faerie Dae 

Georgias 2014 litter to Champion Uwharrie Artesia Outback Flyer (imp USA) gave us the first opportunity to breed an all American based litter and it did not disappoint. We have two stunning girls and a boy from this litter in our team at the moment and both girls already have In Group and In Show awards to their credit. I can't wait for them to grow up. 

Tunamara Lite In The Dark

Champion Tunamara Lite That Shines

Tunamara High Impact

While we watched these youngsters developing Georgia was busy making plans to have just one more litter, a surprise to us she produced a lovely daughter to her grandson NZ Ch Amorosa Rosegold Riley (imp NZ). While this was not planned and I would have gone a different way for her finale I am not disappointed and this little girl looks to have so much promise at a few months old. We have named her "Tunamara Always On My Mind in respect to her mother. Georgia was speyed in February 2015 after this litter and I was sorry to close her career but she has left us a wonderful legacy with some beautiful dogs to carry her line. As you can plainly see Georgia created a dynasty of her own. I cant speak highly enough of the type and beautiful consistency in her litters. Obviously not all could make show prospects but Georgia has achieved so much and given us a very valuable bloodline that complements our dogs. You can plainly see this from the first and second generation offspring shown below and we can't thank Lois March enough for allowing her to come here. I love this girl and what she has done to improve our lines.  



Tunamara Always On My Mind

Georgias first and second generation offspring have made an impact on our type and I picture some of them here, They have had great success in the show ring and will I am sure continue her presence in our breedings in the future.