We have always been wary of allowing home visits for two reasons.

1. Our babies are important to us and it is our job to keep them safe from viruses that thrive in dog communities in the metropolitan areas. It is very easy to walk a problem onto our property on tyres, shoes and clothes and for this reason we are reluctant to put babies at risk.

2. For our own safety. We know of puppies that have been stolen after home visits to check out security etc, it is also for our own personal safety as we put ourselves at risk every time we invite a stranger into the house and these days it is not a wise move. After recently hearing of the murder of the poodle breeder in USA for her dogs we will no longer be allowing home visits to people we don't know.

Sorry if this upsets you but you are always welcome to visit and handle the dogs at shows where we are happy to answer questions and let you have a cuddle and we are always available via phone or email.  Our priority is to keep puppies safe and ourselves of course



If living interstate from us in Sth Australia and you are interested in purchasing a puppy we can organise travel arrangements for you through Ian at Animal Travel SA. If you wish to organise your own transport or just get a quote email us for their contact number. We can highly recommend them and are now using them exclusively to transport puppies both interstate and occasionally overseas. My puppies can usually travel at 10-12 weeks of age depending on how far they need to go



Show prospects will be considered on the full register only to approved and registered members of an ANKC affiliate. Those wanting to enter the show scene should contact us for advice in regards to membership and the possibility of available show puppies. We are always happy to support or mentor new exhibitors or newcomers to our breed. 

All pet puppies are sold with first C3 vaccination at 10 weeks, regular worming, microchip (transferred to you) and limited (pet) registration/pedigree papers (transferred to you) from DogsSA. Free insurance for 6 weeks is also offered from our association with "Petplan". 


We are continuously asked for blue coloured babies. Firstly understand that we put colour way down the list when breeding preferring to breed healthy, strong, sound, well conformed puppies and secondly you need to realise that blue and blue pigmented fawns are occasionally affected by "CDA" (Colour dilute alopecia) which means that as your dog gets older it may start to lose hair down the back, on head and tail and gradually over the body caused by the mutation of the black gene that produces the blue colour which is a dilute and not a natural colour for a dog. As a breeder there is no gene marker or proof of hereditable cause and we know that some pups are affected and some are not from the same litters so we have no idea when selling a blue/blue fawn puppy if it will or will not ever be affected. I liken it to male baldness in humans. Some brothers lose their hair as adults and some don't. It is a bit of a lottery so when buying a blue pigmented puppy of any breed you risk it being a possibility and as a breeder I prefer not to deliberately breed for the colour. I do however occasionally get one pop up in a litter and if looking to buy one please realise that it is at your own risk. Aside of early onset hair loss the pups are completely healthy and will still be a wonderful companion although will need sun and wind protection as they are prone to sun and windburn without their coats protection which can lead to skin cancers and often does.

There are a few illnesses that we are as yet unable to test for that can affect an Italian in later life. CDA - Colour Dilute Alopecia (above) and Epilepsy are a couple of concerns but as new tests become available we will be checking our dogs and until then we will not keep any dog that may be remotely affected in our stud team.

All Tunamara Puppies are bred by us at home and you deal with us personally. We do not use outside / surrogate breeders and simply badge the puppies with our name and prefix on pedigrees as some do and we are always available to help with any questions that may arise. We also do not charge extra for various coloured puppies as all pups are born equal and colour is surface deep and not our priority. We prefer to breed good sound conformation and temperaments with colour being very low on our scale of importance. 


Keep an eye on this page as litter pictures will be posted here first.

I am sorry I don't keep waiting lists or make calls to those waiting when pups arrive as I have many enquiries and people being anxious for a pet often don't hold out and buy the first one seen elsewhere "which is fine with me". So if you see a pup here that is available and appeals to you please contact me for information and reserve it.


We support desexing of pets to help control the backyard and farmed production of puppies for profit and as a protection against the cancers that can occur in the reproductive areas of some older dogs. To this end we have discussed options with a vet and have been advised that desexing of small dogs is very safe now with new techniques from age 8 weeks and recovery is much easier and quicker than it would be with older dogs so unless a puppy is required specifically for a show/breeding home with an ANKC registered breeder it will be speyed or castrated before it leaves us. We add a flat rate of $200.00 per puppy to cover vet costs and will make up any shortfall. It is becoming compulsory for all dogs to be desexed under new state government rules in most states of Australia now.

Talk to us about the procedure as it will be organised by us prior to re homing rather than for you to be waiting for the pup to grow up before having their operations as has been the case.   

It is important to let you know that I don't keep waiting lists. I am happy to answer enquiries but I get numerous messages, emails and texts each day and it is impossible to promise a puppy when we don't know what we have so I don't take names and numbers in advance of the baby's arrival. Once born we will sort through and reserve a couple of likely pups for our show team and all others will be offered here. Any we reserve for ourselves that do not make the requirements as they grow up are offered here later. I can give you a guide of delivery date so that you can keep an eye on this page to see the babies when they arrive and if some puppy catches your eye feel free to message, ring or email me to reserve it for you.




This handsome red fawn and white 10 month old male is available to a good home. He will be revaccinated and desexed prior to leaving us and is a happy social dog.He was retained as a show prospect but has not met our expectations so is offered to a loving pet home. Let me know if he works for you. 


Litter arrived safely on 28th July. I have one really tiny little girl available to a loving pet home. She will grow to approx 13 inches tall at shoulder so is too small for me to keep as a future mother. She will be fully checked by the vet once she is a few weeks older and if healthy will be offered to a special home. She is very active and doing well and we will have her speyed and vaccinated prior to rehoming. If you can offer a home for this pocket rocket let me know and as she gets older we will confirm her availability. 

Page updated 15th September 2022

My puppies are all house reared and well socialised. They leave here vaccinated, microchipped, wormed regularly and fully vet checked for any health issues. Pet puppies will be transferred to new owners as is required by DogsSA and all pet puppies will be desexed as per the new state government law. Entire dogs will only be made available for show/stud animals to registered ANKC affiliated members. All puppies come with Registered ANKC Pedigree and are bred from DNA health tested parents. Please remember that the cost of a puppy reflects the amount of time, dedication, love, money, planning and research that goes into every Tunamara puppy. Also consider your puppy a long term investment in a loving companion as you can expect to have your pet for often up to 15 years and sometimes longer. I like to keep in contact with new owners and am always around to help if any issues arise.  

When making your enquiry please give me a name, phone contact and the area where you live so a quote for transport can be arranged if needed. I have many one line queries from unidentified people and unfortunately due to the amount of spam mail I do not respond without knowing who you are especially if from a hotmail or yahoo account.