From time to time we are asked to send dogs to other countries. We always try to send the best and all protocols from the various countries are followed to the letter. We are proud of our dogs that live in other countries and hope that they fullfill the expectations of their new owners. 

Tunamara Im Totally Cool
Edgeof Mitimax - Tuscamada Misty Morn
Exported to Sweden

Tunamara Heavens Im Hot
Ch. Tunamara Brady - Tunamara Tamerine
Exported to Sweden

Tunamara Vanity Flair
Ch. Tunamara Brady - Tunamara Tamerine
Exported to Sweden

Tunamara Kai Hautu
Ch. Barrajy Tien Shan - Ch. Andoraye Al Lilah
Exported to Bermuda

Tunamara Rosso Bottone
Tuscamada Justa Touch - Tunamara Fern Gully
Exported to Singapore

Tunamara Exquisite
Piccino Key Largo - Ch. Tanden Viktoria
Exported to England

American Grand Champion (bronze) 
Tunamara Heke Toro at Bar NB
Ch. Barrajy Tien Shan - Ch. Andoraye Al Lilah
Exported to America

American Grand Champion 
Tunamara Arapeta Mahaka Bar NB
Ch. Tunamara Mi Nemoson - Ch. Akeara Beach Babe
Exported to America

New Zealand Champion Tunamara First Blush
Ch. Tunamara Brady - Aus & Am Champion 
Marchwind Georgia On My Mind (imp)
Exported to New Zealand

Tunamara Mikki Tsha
Ch. Parkwell Me Dads Grand - Tunamara Tani Tsha
Exported to Ireland

Tunamara Luscious Lucca
Maybri Silver Frost - Tunamara Tiffany Blue
Exported to Singapore

Tunamara Valentino
Samutra Zeffirelli - Igmajik Krystal Myst
Exported to Hawaii 

Tunamara Victor Hugo
Champion Tunamara Gold Leaf - Igmajik Alusion
Exported to Hong Kong

Tunamara Walk By Faith

Wondoan Walk The Line - Champion Tunamara Laurel Oak

Exported to New Zealand

Tunamara Aislinn

Ch Tunamara Mirror Image - Tunamara Platinum

Exported to New Zealand

Tunamara Piccola Tako Style

Ch Tunamara Done With Style -

Ch Tunamara Uwharrie Lets TakeOff

Exported to Singapore

Tunamara Keato

Tunamara Azriel -

Ch Tunamara Perfect Pride

Exported to Singapore


Ch Tunamara Donnybrook -

Tacozajo Summer Rain

Exported to New Zealand

TUNAMARA Yage Fameloves Orchid

Ch Tunamara Donnybrook -

Ch Uwharrie Kismet Come With Me (imp)

Exported to Japan


Ch Tunamara Bold As Brass -

Tunamara Im So Worth It

Exported to Singapore


Gd Ch Tunamara Sterling Silver -

Kaasha Licorice Allsort

Exported to Singapore

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